Yes, Trump is a Sexual Predator. Now Give It a Rest.

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Oct 17, 2017

Another week, another story about how Donald Trump did something sexist, treated a woman flippantly or contemptuously; or how he moved to cop a feel on stage without even trying to pretend that all his judgments about woman aren’t based on their looks and the size of their tits.

I moved on her like a bitch. Grab em by the pussy. Indeed. About a year ago, with the release of the Access Hollywood tape, we were handed a sordid glimpse into the small but greatly diseased pile of gray mush that resides within the skull of Donald Trump. We were repelled and revolted, aghast and put off, but not enough to stop him from winning the election. No, that wouldn't do.

Lots of excuses from those who collect his urine as if it were holy water. All men do it. Locker room talk. And (my favorite in how it shows a complete lack of awareness) he wouldn’t have said those things if he knew he was being recorded.

But enough. It’s time to put Donald’s sexual and misogynic behavior aside. Those who believe their own ears and eyes already know what a perverted character he is – and those who continue to support him have demonstrated that they are either willfully blind, or simply don’t give a damn. New revelations won’t convince the die-hards. They’ll either cry “fake”, put on their see-no-evil monkey face, or celebrate that at long last someone as despicable as themselves has ascended to the presidency.

What we should focus on is Donald Trump’s disastrous time in office, and the damage he’s doing to the United States, and – by extension – to the world. His scuttling of the Paris accord. His refusal to recertify the Iran deal. His crazy man with nukes taunts. His deliberate sabotage of the ACA. His refusal to condemn white supremacists and outright Nazis in our midst. His dishonesty and corruption. His pettiness. His lack of leadership skills. His always-blame-someone-else mentality. His daily demonstration that he is a person who hasn’t grown emotionally beyond childhood, and is therefore incapable of rendering nuanced decisions or thinking beyond his own ego.

The sexual revelations are nothing but titillating sideshows that only reinforce for decent people what Trump apologists are willing to ignore. In order to get this horrible creature named Donald Trump from office, forget the pussy grabbing for a while. While dreadful in itself, let’s not forget that Trump has at his fingertips the capacity for more widespread destruction as he executes any number of other missteps and misdeeds.


By Angie on Oct 18, 2017 18:32 (UTC)

Easy for u to say. Trump is a dangerous pervert, we need to call him out alwayd