Noris Roberts, Ambassador of Peace

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Jun 29, 2014

Noris Roberts, a Venezuelan poet is an Ambassador of Peace. She presents her poems in her international project, a project in which others poets and musicians participate by reading her work and composing music to accompany it. The completed works are then published on her YouTube channel.

As Noris says:

This project is my way to express to everyone that a better world, without borders, is possible. With this I pursue to convey a message of love, peace and freedom.

I'm in the process of recording some of her works and putting music to them. As you may know, I love doing this kind of thing and this project is certainly for a good cause. Please note that Noris and others participate on a volunteer basis and that she isn’t looking for contributions or subsidies.

You can read more about Noris on her Write Out Loud page and find her works on her YouTube channel. Please get in touch with her if you'd like to help spread her message throughout the world.

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No matter how ugly international relations, race relations, gender relations, personal relations, get -- eventually somebody comes up with the idea of PEACE! Lovely idea, lovely word -- and so restful. So here we are again, so many battle lines drawn, and here you are, Norys and Victor, spreading music, poetry, and peace. Thank you SO much!
Marjorie Rommel, Dec 02, 2014
Noris and Victor, this is a nice project. The world needs to be remembered that the peace, the freedom and the respect are necessities for the human being. Thank you for share. Congratulations!
Yayá Portugal, Jul 11, 2014
Congratulations Norys. I am a friend of your sister Iris, who presented me your work. I appreciate it very much.
I would like to find in Spanish some of your poems with music, to apreciate them also in my native language.
Music and poetry works fine!!! and always keep on with these, your ideas.
María Cristina Capriles, Jul 11, 2014
noris/victor quiero felicitarlos por este bello proyecto, a mi querida noris le envio un abrazo grande que sigan los exitos.
Andres, Jul 08, 2014
Noris and Victor, it’s really great you’re teaming up to do this together. This example of solidarity, unselfishness and pro bono partnership for peace, love and brotherhood is the best and main ingredient that eventually evolves into great things. I'm sure that both of you will give us a wonderful surprise. Noris, I'll be waiting for the video in your Youtube channel. Please advise me when you’re uploading it.

Regards and congratulations to both of you,

Kaila Rench
Kaila Rench, Jul 07, 2014
Muchas gracias todos. Me da gusto para tener un oportunidad ayudar Noris en su proyecto. Es buena causa. Por hecho, más paz en el mundo siempre es mejor. Y gracias a ti Noris por tus palabras.

Victor David
Victor David Sandiego, Jul 05, 2014
Felicidades Noris Roberts, que el Mundo conozca a travês de tan hermoso Proyecto, tu excelente Trabajo y no existan fronteras en el fomento de la Poesía. Gracias Víctor David por tan loable labor. Iris Casado. España
Iris Millán de Casado, Jul 05, 2014
Hola querida Noris! que tal ? espero que muy bien. Muchas gracias por compartir ese bello proyecto. Como siempre todo lo que haces es bello y te felicito por todos tus logros. La poesia y la musica son hermanas y es bello unirlas. Te deseo lo mejor, desde Francia, con carino, amistad y paz. BEsos, Françoise
Françoise Marie Bernard, Jul 04, 2014
poets and musicians transmitting love and peace for the world, thanks NORIS ROBERTS, for helping in this wonderful project and DAVID VICTOR SanDiego
mermi arcia, Jul 04, 2014
Orgullosa del trabajo/aporte de Noris y sobretodo porque pertenezco a esa porción que cree en sin fronteras. ..un Aplauso a Victor por tan noble contribución
María Gabriela Badin, Jul 04, 2014
ROBERTS NORIS congratulations, by sharing your project with poets of the world and thanks to Victor David Sandiego
excellent proposal sandiego victor to share this project NORIS ROBERTS internationally
mercedes arcia, Jul 04, 2014
Muy importante e interesante que una poeta venezolana sea reconocido su proyecto internacionalmente , gracas a Victor David Sandiego
mercedes arcia, Jul 04, 2014
Muy buena iniciativa que apoya la proyección de la poesía y la música para unirla en un solo lenguaje universal. Felicitaciones

Einstein, Jul 04, 2014
miriam millan, Jul 03, 2014