Generations Literary Journal - A Journal of Ideas & Images

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Sep 17, 2013

From The Generations Literary Journal website:

In this issue, we explore the many ways in which a rite of passage shows up in modern society, and how it brings with it a story from the past. The celebration of milestones, movement, and progress will be the focus of this edition. Whether it’s a ritual based on coming of age, or a ceremonial event, our goal is to discuss and discover. Our contributors have answered the questions: How do you keep tradition and How do you disrupt and redefine it?

I'm pleased to be part of this issue with a piece from The Second Book of Muwadi titled How I Arrived Here. Other artists and writers in this issue include Latisha Baker, Rosebud Ben-Oni, Andrea Hernandez Holm, ire'ne lara silva, Alan King, and Phillip B. Williams.

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