Yikes If Not A Guru

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Sep 20, 2012

If I was not a guru, I would not have known that a simple operation would turn out to take two minutes. Of course, these are Guru Time minutes. In Ordinary (or mortal) time, probably six weeks or never. Simple as:


I have a 100 page Microsoft Word 2003 document that uses macros to repeat certain tasks with a quick keystroke as a guru knows how. It’s a great feature.

Oh no. One day, one of my LONG-TRUSTED macros broke. Right after Microsoft Word 2003 SERVICE PACK 3. Still easy. First (after weeks of BingingGoogle searches and basically just living with it)::::::: (for why)


Create a new Word document and copy everything (because I CHECKED to see if it was happening in OTHER files, but it was only happening in THIS one). The macros problem is gone (YEA!) but then I notice that NOT ALL of my custom Styles ambled over.

I LOVE Styles so okay! I can deal with that. My Heading1 (which I use for section titles) had gone dead. I only needed to copy it from the original file. TO THE GATES OF THE HARD_TO_FIND merry:

Templates and Add-Ins organizer. But it would not select back-and-forth between two of my user files (getting annoyed now, even on the Guru Annoyance Scale); only between Normal.dot and some-other-file. What language is my Computer written In?


apparently. Okay again. I will copy the offending Header1 text from the original document and replace it my copy that I needed to compensate for Microsoft Office SP3. THEN!!!!

All I need to DO is choose (Use DESTINATION format)

(or is it SOURCE??)

to convey me.

After that, it is a Simple Matter™

to choose the new document Styles Pane and command:



end of sequence

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