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What I’ve Learned on Medium About Internet Writing

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Feb 23, 2020

In early January, 2020, I joined Medium, a platform that is widely used by writers. Medium enables you to post articles, stories, poems, etc., and have them available for others to read. I thought this would be a great space to get some exposure for my writing.

The platform shares some characteristics with …

Divergent Meets Max Mad and Has a Baby Star Wars

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Oct 06, 2019

Mortal Engines

Movie Review: Mortal Engines

Rated PG-H for hand holding.

Mortal Engines has some stunning visuals as cities on giant tank treads roam the countryside looking for other cities to gobble into badly needed fuel. They need fuel to roam the countryside looking for fuel. At least that’s all the circular reasoning we get from the script to explain why mankind lifted London with a giant forklift onto an impressive chassis and retrofitted it with massive engines to roam the countryside looking for… but I repeat myself.

As does the movie…

Our Reaction To Tragedy

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Sep 10, 2019

Eighteen years ago, on September 11, 2001, I was at home in my office in Seattle when I heard the news that planes had crashed into the twin towers in New York. At first I was stunned, like most everybody I suppose. After the initial shock wore off and I had a chance to get some of the emerging details, I realized that this event would change everything, that this event marked the end of the  United States as I had known it.

Within months, in the form of the PATRIOT act and the establishment of the Homeland Security Department, new broad and sweeping legislation passed that gave the government powers a nation not in panic would likely have rejected. Many lawmakers, in their hurry to act, didn’t even read what was presented to them. And so the United States, and to a great extent the world, went forth into a new era where fear became the norm, and anything to alleviate it, or even to pretend to alleviate it, became acceptable.

They Made a Good Run

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Aug 26, 2019

Thought experiment. If you got up early one morning, killed somebody, and then went back to bed until the next day when you then started running to get out of the country, could you honestly say that you made a good effort to escape justice? Wouldn’t sitting around in bed for 24 hours be the opposite of making a good effort? That’s my position, but evidently Johnny Cash didn’t think so. From Cocaine Blues:

Early one morning while making the rounds, I took a shot of cocaine and I shot my woman down. I went right home and I went to bed. I tucked that loving .44 beneath my head.

Got up next morning and I grabbed that gun, took a shot of cocaine and away I run. Made a good run, but I run too slow…

Slow indeed. 24 hours lying around…

Above The Law: Not Just For Nobody Anymore

by Victor David Sandiego | Created: Jul 20, 2019

The idea that nobody is above the law is trotted out fairly regularly by various lawmakers, pundits, late night comics, and social observers. I hardly need to explain what the idea entails but for sake of completeness I’ll simply say that it means that everybody, no matter their social status or position, is subject to the law. No exceptions.

You don’t have to have been on planet USA too long to realize that this idea – which sounds principled and proper – isn’t at all true. You could say it’s an ideal that should be aspired to. You could say it’s theoretically true. You could call it a reassurance that’s doled out to the masses that they may be convinced of the law’s impartiality. There’s many approaches, but underneath it all, the proclamation that nobody is above the law is simply false…