Articles with tag writing

What I’ve Learned on Medium About Internet Writing
Thoughts on internet writing after publishing on Medium for about 6 weeks
Scattering Your Work
Some thoughts on publishing in the new world
Workshops & Critics
Thoughts on poetry workshops and critiques
Manifesto Of Pain
Manifesto Of Pain by Noris Roberts
Noris Roberts, Ambassador of Peace
Noris Roberts, a Venezuelan poet and an Ambassador of Peace presents her poems in her international project
Embrace Your Poetic Perplexity
Exploring the relationship between poetry and understanding
Ditch Poetry
New pieces out at Ditch Poetry
Poetry Salzburg Review
Poetry Salzburg Review
Generations Literary Journal - A Journal of Ideas & Images
Generations Literary Journal
Two Poems Published by Cerise Press
Two poems have been published by Cerise Press
Subprimal Poetry Art
Announcement of Subprimal Poetry Art
39 Boys on Ground is now available
Ebook 39 Boys on Ground is now available
Preparing 39 Boys for Ebook publication
Preparing 39 Boys for Ebook publication
Insert Poet, Ruin Poetry
An opinion piece about the perils of inserting the writing persona into the poetry